how’s that food taste
exactly it’s really waste
how bout that bottled spring water
poision in plastic tapped a billion gallons for a quarter
the air you breath
they sprayed it with every disease
your retirement
looted by you government
heath care
not there
9/11 please
the storys so full of holes, looks like swiss cheese
radiation safe do not doubt
none, but if need be just raise the count
if you think you gettin’ the truth
you better think again
take all the time you need
cause by that time, you will have been brought to your knees
your rivers run red
your children are dead
but you got a stupid football game in your head
if thats not working two political teams
will be the next dream
we’ll take you to the moon
to infinity and beyond
stupid humans
wake up
and shake it up!
arr copywrite

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