poetrY, that was probably a bad term most would call it that but in reality what i’m putting out there would be better described as folkwritings. whilE my writings may consist of some elements academia would consider traditional poetry, rhyme, rhythm, meter, and the like are not considered to be prominent to me. I speak of my thoughts across a wider range of expressions. I can’t remember who said it or where i first heard it, but when asked what folk music was they said something like..its music by folks ..for folks… stylE, structure, humbug i write what i like what i feel not for appeal. jusT words on a page, or a bunch of 0s and 1s in a plastic box. dO i hope other people like it , well thats hard to say. aT least if they dont like it i hope they hate it. oR maybe feel somethin’ more than just the emotions we have been conditioned to adhere to. perhapS if i’m good it will be as good as the words on a cereal box..diG it!

thoughtS,opinions,visionS of the writerS
especialY of a political
oR social nature
arE subject to change at any given
liviN’ moment
iN time
iN space
iN matter
thougH it matter not


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