What most of us find so hard to understand is how so many people can continue to think that we”the conspiracy theorists” are the ones that do not “understand”. When the documents of the geoengineer/political/social/academic elites themselves are now public, how can so many continue to ignore the facts of weather manipulation, false climate change science, false radiation health data, false nuclear clean energy claims, false nuclear cheap energy claims, false oil industry environmental claims, false fracking effects claims, false and manipulated human effects on environment claims, false population impact claims and manipulated data. Well, if we throw it up against/alongside the other culture that I and some of you live in, there is a disturbing, shall we say, “reality”
We have a Christian culture club with its false piety that has turned our church buildings into nightclubs and its preachers into celebrity entertainers. Where “Gain is godliness” and poverty and persecution is a sign of the lifting of Gods blessing rather than a sign of desiring to live Godly. Where we have become religious in our non-religiosity. Prayer has been made to be something that must be taught beyond Christs words until we make it just what we were trying to avoid without realizing our error. Our evangelism methods along with the above have given us a generation of = trained new-birthers 25 years into their journey. Produced a boatload of rotting fish on the leaking deck of ship with a broken bilge, culminating in the missing person phenomenon expressed in an inability to distinguish between a personal relationship with Jesus, and our own private Jesus. Who declares the evolution of our great strides in making a God that meets our wants.
We have privately run prisons who bribe Judges into abducting our children. Cities have their own underground prisons where they secretly (at first anyway) torture our young adults. Programs run by our elected officials that poke, prod, and poison the entire population each in their own turn. All completely documented as if it makes no difference. The poison and the pill both sold to us by the same people, and the beat goes on. We ignorantly call for harsher sentences when the poor kill over pennies, all the while refusing to believe that such educated and refined individuals in positions of power could damage, maim, and kill millions for trillions. Could empty the earth of its natural lubricants making gentle sliding to become quaking and shaking and buckling. Or could harness rivers to create a false paradise and when the waters begin to dry up, they sell billions of gallons for mere quarters to be bottled and shipped elsewhere, leaving the regular folks parched and drought stricken. At the same time watering their own lawns with that same bottled water, retaing their own oasis amidst the desert.
Our seminaries that remain have become cemeteries, our Bible versions so numerous and diverse that anyone can”get what they need”. All the while unable to “guess my (his) name”.Yearly vacation Bible schools that must be increasingly extra biblically theme related, with extravagant inflatable props and music composed as if it were a Saturday morning cartoon. Trying to compete with Hollywood themed amusement parks, and the latest Satan worshiping halftime show performance. The blind leading the blind into a ditch so deep that even if they both could see neither would ever be able to escape. Our times and days of worship are scheduled around the big game or race or tournament, so that we will not miss paying homage to the ads that grace the screens of our homes and pay those million dollar salaries to the mighty men and woman who have the ability to throw, catch, or hit a variety of sizes and shapes of balls, beyond that which most mere mortals are able. And as the holidays approach we put colored bulbs of all shapes and sizes on our mansions and yachts, all across our little piece of dirt, in an effort to shed light in the darkness, even though we are the light of the world. Or should be if we are His? It just seems more practical and easier to pay the Electric Company to light things up.
We get vaccinated, genetically modificated, bioweaponised in our attempts to be healthier, stronger, and more powerful in body. Indoctrinated, hypnotized and robotized in our efforts to be increase our mental capacity, complexity and proficiency. Nanobots fill the air we breathe, the water we drink and clean in, and the “food” we eat in ever increasing amounts. Our Atmosphere, rain, snow, clouds are fake. While people continue to move further and further from humanity, and closer and closer to a trans-humanist future. From the God man, we discarded to the man-god we created the end is surely near as the old cartoon would display.But repentence is surely far away at this time and place and space.


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