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Hannah Ruth , my daughter, being from the brilliant stock she is, has devised the perfect way to allow all the legitimate Refugee’s into the country, while at the same time weeding out and arresting the terrorists among them. First, have them all come in through a special checkpoint or checkpoints. (Which most likely would be the case any way.) As the process proceeds collect the passports of everyone trying to enter. With the passports collected, take all those who are entering as refugees and place them in quarantine for say 48 hrs. At this point all the gathered passports along with an explosive device and some jet fuel shall be placed in a proper place for the test to be conducted. At just the right moment, and simultaneously, ignite the jet fuel while detonating the explosive device (preferably a suicide bombing belt). Now search the area for up to nine square city blocks. Gather the remaining passports that were indestructible and arrest those whose names appear on them, all the others whose passports burnt up, exploded into nothing, or otherwise were destroyed by such actions (as any normal passport would do) can now be admitted into the country. Case Closed, Everybody Happy. She is just genius!
It has been shown time and again that the passports of genuine terrorists can withstand this kind of treatment and remain perfectly intact, withstanding explosions, jet fuel, fires, and heat that melts structural steel beams to the point of producing molten metal that remains in that state for weeks. In fact it has been carefully documented by several agencies of our Government including, but not limited to Official Reports of Special Commissions appointed by our Elected officials, and, in Sworn testimony before Commissions, Congress, and Courts and officers of this United States of America. These testimonies have come from citizens, aviation experts, eye witnesses, Federal employees, building experts, structural engineers, first responders, conspiracy theorists, conspiracy theorist debunkers, chemical industry experts, U.S. Military members, and members of the CIA, the FBI, the NSA, NASA, the Terrorism Task Forces, the NYC Police Dept. the Washington D.C. Police Dept. the Secret Service, Members of the Bush Administration, the Clinton Administration, the Obama Administration, and almost anyone else with a Washington or White House connection. Also from almost every news media outlet in this country and abroad, which includes, NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN, Fox News, The NY Daily News, Newsweek, The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, Popular Mechanics, National Geographic, Howard Stern, Heraldo Rivera, Paul Wolfawitz, Wolf Blitzer, Al-Jezeera, Al Roker, and The Jerusalem Times. From Al-Queda, Helzbolah, Isis, Isil, Osama Bin Laden, Tim Osama, Saudia Arabia, Libya, Iraq, Iran, Egypt, Isreal, Mossad, MI6, M&M, Ted Nugent, Ted Turner, Jane Fonda, and the United Nations. By George Bush, Dick Cheney, Condolesa Rice, Colin Powell, Martha Stewart, Jimmy Hoffa, Maggie Thatcher, Princess Dianna, Jack and Diane, and even Jack in the Box… Maybe I get a bit sarcastic toward the end but think about it? The first 75% or so are actually dead on, which is a very scary thought.
In Recognition I hereby nominate Hannah Ruth for official Genius in Residence of this fair land.


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