The Day After Thanksgiving

The Day After Thanksgiving
A true story by:
Juked Joints Robbie & the NursingHome Visiting Party


Twas the day after Thanksgiving
and across this bloated land
all the chill’ens were sleeping
pumpkin pie crumbs still in their hands

friends sleepin on couches
and in mom’s rocking chair
American children lounged carelessly
eyes glazed over in a gluttonous stare

though only Dad was awake,
and his hearing quite bad
he heard through the bleating
newborn babes, a lass and a lad

with the exciting part done
this dad flew like the wind
kept his poor wife up all night
with his story of delivering twins

now dad was no novice
with nine of his own
all manufactured and delivered
on the same bed in his home

but Mom’s a bit smarter
she knew just what to do
go back to sleep til the morning
before the kids to lambs interv”ewe”

so as the rain began falling
and when the interveiws were done
we all went back to our napping
perhaps Reindeer woulda been more fun


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