to find the words of how I’m doing
lost in this dictionary in my head
can’t reboot, can’t hit clear
searching langauges, hyroglyphs
can’t alevaite the tears,the cheers
freedom is fantastic, once you have the words to tell
love and hate and passion i think now
you can relate.
the difference is slim
the hours the same
but joy is recomended
above the insane, or mundane
matter of fact is that almost
anything can bring a smile to you face
a spark to your soul
this is life
this is art
this is real
don’t tear it apart,
if you find that place,space,
just a trace, laugh,linger
take his finger off the trigger
explosions that are estactic
few and far between
but soft gentle moments can be felt often
but rarely be seen


Josiah give it all you got~


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