Cotter Corp.WasteWater Rad. Spill

Super Fund Uranium site leaks again
Again a Uranium site in Colorado has leaked wast water in the range of 1,800 gallons tainted with radioactive materials including but not limited to Uranium. Reports say there have been seven spills over the last several years. Some have been in excess of 20,000 gallons. Stephen Cohen manager with Cotter Corp. that runs the mine, which has been a Superfund site for a long time says, says it’s unlikely the spill will worsen contamination of ground water. What that means is open for interpretation I would assume, as it could mean that things are so bad how could they get worse.
Cotter processed uranium for nuclear weapons and fuel at the mill from about 1958 to 1978.


COD980716955 Denver Radium Site Denver Air, soil and groundwater contamination by radium, thorium, uranium, arsenic, lead and radon gas from radium ore processing

The only thing we know that is completely accurate is that the nuclear industries will never ever tell the whole truth, and their standard line ” the public was in no danger at any time “will be used as much as possible’.
“Radioactive spill at Cotter’s defunct uranium mill in central Colorado
Uranium mill line leaks 1,800 gallons near Cañon City By: Bruce Finley – The Denver Post December 1, 2015 Colorado health officials were reviewing an explanation from Cotter Corp. on Monday after a spill at Cotter’s defunct uranium mill in central Colorado — one of the nation’s slowest superfund cleanups.

A pipeline leaked about 1,800 gallons last week on Cotter’s 2,538-acre property uphill from Canon City and the Arkansas River.

Well tests in July found water in the waste pipeline area contained elevated uranium (577 parts per billion, above a 30 ppb health standard) and molybdenum (1840 ppb, above a 100 ppb standard).

This spill was the latest of at least five since 2010. Federal authorities in 1984 declared an environmental disaster and launched a superfund cleanup. Read more at”

just a touch lots more out there.




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