lasT time i saw you
waS the first time i
couldn’T cry
bitteR emotions
seeM to be the
waY these days

watching you there
from the back of my car
sweeT and sour
A life badly spent’s
thE flavour of the hour

raDiatioN can’t be seen
nor heard
buT our love should not
bE that way
nO not that way

opeN your eyes and see
peoplE talkin’
talkiN’ bout you darling
oH they are talking bout
noT just you but me

yoU know i can hustle up
a nickle a dime, hear that
sink it into your mind
peoplE do it without a care
but that heart of yours, everytime

bE it fog or sun
bE it rain or shine
complete the connection
moveD by a notion
wE are the commotion

looK closely and
yoU just might hear
familiaR sounds coming
amazinG sights in your ears
unlesS you can’t speak or shed a tear

thE melody, the harmony
whO is it creates the song
A pity the world lives this way
neitheR one of us can comprehend
thE balllad is for another one

thiS reality makes
anD surely it can break
willS not strong not long
founD around this place
yoU and i are different

yoU and i are different
thougH completely the same
don’T let your heart be troubled
it’S just games people play
cominG home it’ll be doubled

easY livin’ ain’t easy at all
picK a pocketfull of quarters
chipS fall where they may
wE have a secret no one knows
foreveR we will stay

A picture in a locket
A ten foot pole
rythyM of our hearts beating
thE homeless sleeping on the train
quicklY catch the moment it’s fleeting

mindS inverted as we watch
thE taming of the fleet
nO photoshop no autotune here
graduaL understanding
likE dancing in the streets

whO set the pattern, was first to leave their seat
alL these folks that we been watching
exposeD can now be seen
thosE people we were watching
theY are just like you and me


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