outside the gates
where the little people reside
fantastic feats of survival occur
but on the other side
where everyone dreams to be
an apple is just an apple
same for them and me
the wall’s so high
who could ever get over
uncounted ones have tried
but they wind up back here
as if they went down a slide
serendipitous seclusion
solitude among the masses
seeking a solution
if ever one would escape
consider what the end would be
tales of witchcraft or aliens
that’s all the peeps could see
gates of splendor from the outside
look like an old weathered barn door
for the ones looking outward
illusion or confusion
it’s neither for me
sent here decades ago
because the king of the outside
sought to see me eat crow
there are walls built
to keep people in
and walls built
to keep people out
in the end though no one
knows for sure which one is which
I only know which is which for me
and with that said and done
we can break the bondage
and be FREE, you and mewall2


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