Salmonella in Denmark

Bad news completely resistant salmonella confirmed in Denmark

suspect Chinese imported meat…Chicken/Pork?

Chickens or Pork shipped from China with an antibiotic resistant strain of virus have made their way to Denmark, and likely many other places, The USDA recently allowed for China to ship Chickens here, and for US companies to ship chickens there for processing and ship them back. This is a major event! I need more research.

gonna try to dig a bit, the RSOE info copied below or follow the link

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Biological Hazard in Denmark on December 07 2015 03:50 AM (UTC).
A patient in Denmark has become infected with an untreatable form of salmonella, scientists announced today. They also discovered untreatable bacteria in 5 samples of chicken imported from China via Germany. Experts fear it is the start of a global epidemic of untreatable infections. The Danish scientist who made the alarming discovery told the Daily Mail he would be ‘very surprised’ if the bug was not already in Britain. The grim announcement comes just 3 weeks after Chinese academics discovered that superbugs had breached the last line of antibiotic defences for the 1st time. The Chinese team had warned that the hyper-resistant bugs were likely to spread fast – but last night experts said the speed at which they had travelled to Europe was extremely serious. Colistin – a drug classed as ‘critical’ to human medicine – was until recently the only antibiotic to work after all others had failed. But experts [in November 2015] identified the 1st germs to become resistant to the drugs, and warned of the ‘inevitable’ spread of uncontrollable superbugs which attack the blood and lungs. They discovered mobile gene called MCR-1, which made bacteria such as E. coli [Escherichia coli], salmonella and germs [that] cause pneumonia untreatable. Critically, they found that the gene could easily be transferred to other types of bacteria, meaning it could spread quickly between animals and humans. Experts at the Technical University of Denmark started searching for signs of the MCR-1 gene in their own country as soon as they read the Chinese report. And, to their horror, they found 6 samples – 5 in imported chicken and 1 in the blood of a sick patient. Professor Frank Moller Aarestrup, a microbiologist at the Technical University of Denmark, said today: ‘This is a very alarming discovery. It is something I had feared, but hoped I would not see.’ He said the bugs had probably come from China via imported meat, or brought in by people travelling from the Far East. Experts fear this is the start of a global epidemic of untreatable infections. But he added: ‘I would be very much surprised if it was not in the UK already. It is a much bigger country than Denmark, with more travel and more food imports.’


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