The recent event that occurred this past week, and loss of the life of Heavy D got me thinking a lot about my life. And particularly the years I spent in Gloucester. So here goes, why I love Gloucester.
I loved summering at Grandmas house on the Mill River.
Being able to wake up to the water out the bay window.
Seeing Mr.Eastman getting ready to take his lobster boat
out to check his pots. Sitting on the dock and watching the
fish swim and jump right in front of me. walking along the
shore and exploring the washed up pots and buoys.
Hanging with those out at Wheeler’s point, like Bill, Pam,
Patrick, Jody and Sue. Eating unripe pears while sitting on
the stone wall by Jamie’s house. Listening to Zeppelin at
Toby’s house. Friendly’s, and Nichols candy. Going to
Salisbury beach, Lake Winnipesaukee,. Late night runs to Nicks
Roast Beef with Pam, and Janine, and Kay, and Carla.
Listening to all the great music together of the time.
Acting silly and just having a good time growing up.
Later when I moved there the people and things I loved
about this special place grew and grew. Jackie Moses
befriending me and trying to get me and Karen together. I
am quite sure I was with her in the Rigger then. Where you
shake a mans hand and it feels like he has barnacles on it,
but has a gentle greeting in his voice. Hanging out down
the Boulevard, or at Stage Fort Park. Going fishing at the
breakwater, Having fun parties with Sid and Cathy, Kathy,
Raem, Dan, and Ann, Amanda, Kelly. Hanging out with
Raem and Mike and Scott, and Justin, Linda, Frank ,Steve,
Strawberry Jam, Dynamics, Headhunter. James
Montgomery band. Skynyrd at Foxboro, and dozens more.
Stevie Nicks in Portland. Good, Good times.
Dan, and Roy, Going to see Farrenheit with Linda.
Blackburns Tavern, Rockport, Youth Group at the Epicopal
Church, Rt 128, Volleyball games at Good Harbor beach as
the crowds left, looking for sand dollars at Wingaersheek
Beach. St Peters Fiesta, greasy pole, dory races.
Getting in trouble, getting out of it. Helping each other
through hard times. Never giving up on anyone, forgiving
and forgetting. If I left out your name I’m sorry, I do miss
you too. At 52 my body now racked with pain from hard
work and hard play, my mind tends to wander and
memories come and go sometimes like lightning bolts,
that’s why I started writing, before I forget all you
wonderful people and all those wonderful times.
Yeah good times, but Great people!
So if it’s ok with you … and I wasn’t born there I wanna be, like earl and arch said…
“Gloucester Till The End”!


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