This is the story bout a man named Jed…Oh wait wrong intro, let me back up a minute. For those who grew up in Parkchester, elevators were just a part of everyday life. For others who didn’t, an elevator can be a weird monster like contraption. But we were at ease with them almost from birth. Now in Parkchester there were two different sized buildings. They were 13 stories and 8 stories tall, including the main lobby floor. We called them 7 and 12 stories. The 12 story buildings had 2 elevators side by side. The 7 story had just one. The reason that I mention this is that the 12 story buildings with 2 elevators presented us with more opportunity for fun and danger. The first thing that you learn when approached with the opportunity for a thrill ride is that you are going to be subject to the older kids taunting and scare tactics. And the older kids ruled back in the day. When you are only 8 or 9 years old the kids who were 11 or 12 seemed so much bigger stronger and wiser. You dare not question their authority or knowledge.
Before riding on top of an elevator you had to learn the trick to have the door to the floor open and the elevator on the floor below. This was accomplished in an easy way by (info redacted, for litigation reasons). Ok, had to cut that part because, well, you know we were alot smarter than kids today and this was actually a very dangerous sport. We just left it with, “What your mother doesn’t know won’t hurt her.” but just about 5 minutes ago was asking Naomi, “Where are the kids? Can you see them all out there?”…you get the point, I think.
Once the elevator was one floor below you and you had the door open came the moment of truth. Stepping out into the unknown. Once that part was done, which estimated for a first timer was about, hmmm 2 weeks, then the fun could begin. Another vital bit of information which I should have mentioned earlier was that its good to have one of your people in the elevator at all times, to kinda supervise the button pushing. Of course, first time something always goes wrong and you and the older kid who did this before are sent full speed to the top where the older kid starts screaming, “Oh no they pushed 12 we are gonna be crushed to death!!!!”. When the elevator reaches the 12th floor and you realize that there is more than ample room, your initiation has ended and you go home to get some fresh tighty whiteys. After that the next phase was scaring the old people in the elevator, then you moved on to the switch. The switch was when you were riding the elevator in a 12 story you would jump from one elevator to the other while they passed each other, as one went up and the other down. I never saw it done but the older kids assued me it was done many times. Now as I have said, my memory is not that good but I think I did ride on top with girls at some time. They may or may not want to admit it, but possible suspects, Patti, Donna, Maureen? Oh well I gotta go my 12 yr old has a butter knife out spreading peanutbutter on toast and ,well you know how kids today are not as smart as we were, she could get hurt bad like that.
Next time I will tell you about riding on top of trains and hitching buses, that stuff I can give you all the details on cause it ain’t that dangerous. Dylan


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