So lets put together what we know or at least what we think we know
accoring to reports from around the nation.

There have been mass cellphone purchases in at least 7 different
locations in Missouri.
“The original police report was for a Middle Eastern man who purchased
cell phones, then left his phone in the restroom. Officers responded and
secured the phone.

While the officers were on scene, the man returned to get his phone.
They spoke with the man, asked for identification, and decided they had
no legal reason to detain him.jh1

Officers contacted the Missouri Highway Patrol Intelligence Unit to
advise them of the situation.

After speaking with employees at the Lebanon Wal-Mart, officers found
discovered that the subject had already purchased 59 cell phones from
that store earlier.”

Also in Missouri at least three locations have had a large number of
propane tanks stole from those cages outside stores, and also there have
been reports of large purchases of these full tanks.


If that was not enough we have 2 missing Afgans who we had been
training as fighter pilots in GA. After a year of training skipped out and
are somewhere in the country now.

And finally (for this article) It is clear now that the terrorists have stolen
a real passport making machine!


Now this is just some of what we know…I have more but can’t disclose
everything until I am pretty confident that it is related. I think it will
prove to be, but will wait a bit.
So, there is either going to be a terror attack such has not been seen
since Sodom, or a false flag that will usher in martial law and a global
police state. Or the other option is no attack but some setups and
revealing of “what could have been” and gun confiscation. Or I’m just a
paranoid, tinfoil hat wearing conspiracy theorist. As for me and my
house, we will serve the LORD.


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