alaS a young sparrow
winG broken in battle
lookinG for the comfort
oF a safe dry nest
youR innocence lost
somethinG that can never
bE replaced
youR care and comfort
sO beautiful
beforE the net was cast
anD the damage done
noW the cloud filled sky
iS all you see
alL you can hear
iS the misery
likE the wailing a prisoner
the birD man of Alcatraz?…
knowinG that there is nothing
anyonE can do
thE spirit begging in groans
buT no one can put things the way they once were
timE is only a moment, a vapor in the early morning
beforE the sun rises
foG rolling across the fields
leavinG no room for the escape
noR the death that washes upon distant shores
beinG is just a state of mind
whilE doing is left far off and behind
aN eagle or a vulture
maY have had more of a chance
buT the night is almost over
thE band strikes up the last dance
feaR not oh little sparrow
whosE fondness we now favor
youR ruffled feathers announce the time
thE coming of the Savior


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