It was not that long ago, but along time if you go by my mind, this event
began. A people, desiring to free themselves from injustice, oppression,
and religious persecutions. The ideals of Liberty, and Justice for all, were
being shouted from the public square. A new nation to be birthed, on the
priciples of freedom, equality, Christianity. From Beacon Hill, to South of
Broad, they made a stand, a line in the sand. But alas, the deception that
caught their souls, was brought about and blinded their and our eyes.
Blinded by the light, if you will. An entire race of different folks, not
quite human enough for the newcomers, displaced, disgraced, destroyed.
Their land and future, their rivers, and history, wiped out. Oh but that is
not all, no! These people who we admire, brought others from across
the sea to be the servants of them who looked and claimed to escape the
bondage of another. Am I really supposed to believe that in seeking,
Liberty, Freedom, Justice, built on a foundation of Christianity, that I
should admire, and hold high those who enslaved and butchered two
peoples from among those on earth. Don’t tell me this is a nation built
on Christian principles. It may be that many sought those things, but like
I, failed to be able to deliver. This I can believe, but not as something to
honor, no there is nothing to honor in the way this nation built itself. So
don’t be surprised when I don’t salute your colors, I wouldn’t do such for
any other gang of murderous theives who wear their colors. We seek to
celebrate the birth of the True Redeemer, with one eye on the work of
the Destroyer? I have only One allegiance, to the One who can rescue me
from this wretched body of sin, and forgive all these things that I did.


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