Volume 1, 1st editions

Limited edition of hand lettered manuscripts FOLK WRITINGS FROM THE FUTURE by rfiloS
deposits of $78.90 being taken on an estimated $210.00 price, edition of personal hand lettered and illustrated Volume 1, to be limited to 18 ( I may make this 20) and with a scheduled delivery date of late May, early June 2016.
for the worry wart: (Guaranteed by July 2016, with a maximum price at $250.00) about the cost of a latte and sconce at Starbucks on the way to work for a month. Coffee is good but FOLKWRITING is best, bumper stickers should be issued.
An assortment of some of my favorites and yours. Hard bound, archival quality, hand lettered FOLK WRITINGS along with Illustrations and Ramblings, Each one a work of art in itself. You may address your inquiries to: r filos 515 rowe ln round o sc 29474 /or/ rfilos63@gmail.com
Cash or personal checks to address above, or for electronic payment please contact by phone or email concerning details
If you are not sure or need more info, it’s probably not for you. If you know art and the written word, art and the drawn emotion, or art and are a family member don’t hesitate. Special discount for John Hutchinson “the Hutchison effect” 1/2 price plus one piece of hutch..effect metal. all others full price or greater. read the small print below for additional terms. ………………………………………………….


Has every one who is a member of a racial, or religious , or social, or, any other group you guys lump yourselves or others into been equally offended yet, so we can move on and stop all the whining and baiting, and just plain old stupidity now, and live our selfish, hypocritical, busybody lives in peace? Grow up about it all already and spend your energy helping people who are in real need, they are all around you!jh1


the pale blue mist
settles over the once frozen landscape
like a small child
it makes my mind consider
the world below
the signs above raining down
a people grown
with eyes glazed over
conditioned for this condition
listening beyond forgiveness
for words or a melody
deeply scarred and grooved
seemingly alone
but in the middle, as it were
of the great multitude
humanity’s new found composure
ghastly and most lovely
all in one moment
which stretches endlessly
link by link contained
in that eternal moment
like fresh green grass
cut in early morning
a scent and sound weaved
in and out of memories
that make up a young mind
inside our wrinkled and gray head
as if today
began again the budding spring
we all longed for within that dream
those scattered thoughts
cutting the surface tension
beating oxygen exhaled from lungs
into peaks of a meringue
like smoke signal from the past
an only child
among a class of cousins
and sisters, aunts and grandmothers
lessons only a family learns
secrets held tightly
a bond among siblings
known only by members in strict sects
that mystery revealed
that longed for love
now, worn and displayed
waves in the bright day
a victory flag
whose design the population sees
but whose meaning
reserved and compact
only the band of initiates can see
can we ever know whose ramblings
a dusty road received
the past just left us wondering
this daydream
blistering thoughts
sung in harmony
green waves crashing
on the shore
foaming as the water rushes back
out to open sea
the squeaks of the seaweed
the smell of the salt breeze
all the pioneers of grace
we explore till our energy
expelled completely and publicly
grabs our past and future life
pulsing and pressing
that energy
death seems near
but life
alive with song and images
colors cast shadows among us now
a rainbow of thinking arises
the bleak night has
at last receded
the seeds of tomorrow now sprouting
oh glorious freedom
sounds of hope
of a fortunate grace
an activated incomprehensible future
experienced now in living color
in happy notes and lyrics
in dances, in leaping, in joy
listen, yes listen
oh how wonderful
look, yes look
oh how marvelous
all the words
and all the pages
yes Joy
can you feel it
our journey complete
many thanks to all who have been sharing this journey with me, you keep me hanging oN.
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I have made over 2300 videos covering a lot of endtimes topics like:
Weather Modification Manipulation
Fukushima Disaster and Radiation
EndTimes Conspiracy
Jade Helm
Neumayer Station
The Sun and Space
Climate Change and Global Warming
Bible studies
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Roasted Peppers and Mozzarella
Full circle like my pappa
Four decades have passed
since that night long ago
He was makin’ the same sandwich
Me I was watching this same show
In the mirror he reflects to me
I thought that it would never be
now here we are, and my son’s like me
seeking shelter, being born
I’m just like you and he like me
life’s hard rain falls down
on us as perfect irony
I said I’d never pass this way
you can best be sure
I find pleasure in that
I’m both rich and I’m poor


If only Jimmy Fallon would Jump On Board

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This is just anger producing…..Prosecutors ask for 0-6 months in prison for former House Speaker Dennis Hastert – @Reuters

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Me and My Shadow /or/ On the Dark Side
the curtain comes up
the final scene begins
on the edge of the woods
the mocking bird sings
every note I’ve ever lived
the clouds move swiftly now
across the grey sky
as the band plays
every word I’ve ever sung
frothing waves beat themselves
to death along the back shore
the rocks cry out
every thought I’ve ever heard
the clock strikes the hour
ringing in my ear
every thing I’ve never known
all the world’s a staged event
the cast of characters
meet the audience
every one I’ve ever been
it’s last call
as the curtain
begins to fallDylan