Volume 1, 1st editions

Limited edition of hand lettered manuscripts FOLK WRITINGS FROM THE FUTURE by rfiloS
deposits of $78.90 being taken on an estimated $210.00 price, edition of personal hand lettered and illustrated Volume 1, to be limited to 18 ( I may make this 20) and with a scheduled delivery date of late May, early June 2016.
for the worry wart: (Guaranteed by July 2016, with a maximum price at $250.00) about the cost of a latte and sconce at Starbucks on the way to work for a month. Coffee is good but FOLKWRITING is best, bumper stickers should be issued.
An assortment of some of my favorites and yours. Hard bound, archival quality, hand lettered FOLK WRITINGS along with Illustrations and Ramblings, Each one a work of art in itself. You may address your inquiries to: r filos 515 rowe ln round o sc 29474 /or/ rfilos63@gmail.com
Cash or personal checks to address above, or for electronic payment please contact by phone or email concerning details
If you are not sure or need more info, it’s probably not for you. If you know art and the written word, art and the drawn emotion, or art and are a family member don’t hesitate. Special discount for John Hutchinson “the Hutchison effect” 1/2 price plus one piece of hutch..effect metal. all others full price or greater. read the small print below for additional terms. ………………………………………………….

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