I’m really not sure what this Police department thought the outcome of this little joke would be, but I think that it will result in more addiction and deaths from overdose in their community.
While this one woman who has been arrested may get help now, it is more likely that she having been publicly ridiculed, will be another statistic. And surely the officers in the area now have lost the chance to have honest dialogue with those who are in addiction. Of course if their idea was to send the message that there is no hope for you if you are on meth or heroin, they have succeeded. Now who will call in if they or a loved one has overdosed and needs medical help. How about a family member who wants to see their loved one get help, now afraid the police will lie to them also and stick the offender in the prison system.
All I can say now is don’t be surprised Mr. Granite Shoals Police Officer when you are called out to rescue a puppy under some house and when you crawl out from under it you find someone has snatched the donuts from your dashboard.
This article is for informational, educational, entertainment, value. No actual donuts were hurt in its writing.
And please, its not anti police, it is anti mistake.

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