Brad Pitt speaks out about Angelina Jole?

  • pitt  In a stunning turn of events Brad Pitt has gone public concerning his wife’s recent filing for divorce.  Endtimesconspiracy has learned from its sources that Pitt has released such details about Jole as the fact that her so-called preemptive mastectomy was really due to her finding pictures on Brad’s phone of Jennifer Aniston’s breasts. Unconfirmed reports are saying it was a case of a psychotic episode of self-mutilation in a jealous rage. Brad also claims though sources that Angelina is suffering from a serious case of rad-brain as a result of Fukushima and her constant air travel. While we could not confirm any of these reports, it seems that Jole is about to drop some bombs about Pitt also. Included we have heard is his terrible flatulence problem, which has been according to rumors, a stinking point in the relationship for years. All comments and inquires should be directed to our satire dept. .  urdumbifudo@email.comedy



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