snow as an ancient blizzard blowing
reminder of the great herds now few
cut down like the nations and friends
the North Dakota winter swept in cold
in the freeze the Army corp backed down
yet your warm smile we only see in photos
with your sacrifice, strength, and courage
for truth, nations, and water you do Stand
though far from us, still we hear you speak
and we listen, Stand we will, for you also
RedFawn shall not be forgotten,
even when free from the injustice,
free from the prison cell RedFawn
shall be remembered and honored
among all the Nations,
and all the generations,
by you and by me
RedFawn Fallis shall be
today and always FREE
For those who do right are always FREE
Mni Wiconi, RFilos Dec 9 2016
#freeredfawn, #waterislife,
A little write for a brave woman RedFawn Fallis, please continue to work for her release and the dropping of ALL charges. And DONATE NOW to help secure her with a proper defense.

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