When Words Go too Far?

For years the cry from liberal pro abortion supporters was “stop the dangerous rhetoric“. This was a reference to people outside abortion clinics and elsewhere, saying abortion was murder. In fact buffer zones where created outside clinics to keep people who were going in the clinics from having to hear such words. they argued that this kind of talk is what led some to bomb or burn clinics, and even to shoot abortionists. {They never mentioned how it may have saved some women and children from the dangers inside the clinics.} Now we have some young people caught live streaming an attack on a disable man and apparently it is based on race and the fact that Trump is some how against black people and all white people are aligned with him. With Hillary supporters and the MSM in tears and saying over and over how Trump is a white supremacist and bigot, and even going as far as to say that minorities will be rounded up and jailed, what else could you expect? Is there going to be a discussion on the MSM about how the words they have been using directly led to this kind of action? I think not. And rightly so, their words didn’t make people do anything. But, if they really are not the fake news outlets that they claim to be and they are telling the world that what they are speaking and broadcasting is truth, well, maybe they ought to at have that conversation. At the least among themselves, to discern if they may have influenced these peoples actions. Perhaps the (non) intelligence agencies could lend a hand in the matter, or a Congressional panel?


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