Nukes/Wigner/Nukes Shaken not Stirred

What do you get when you mix Fukushima, and nuclear bombers, it ain’t good!

In a scary if not bizarre incident an American Nuclear Bomber  lost an engine mid flight over Minot North Dakota. Now I don’t mean that the aircraft lost engine power, I mean it lost the engine completely. As in it fell right off the plane somehow. The B-52 “Stratofortress” declared an emergency and was able to return using it’s other seven engines. Wigner effect incidences appear to on the increase around the world as the effects of the Fukushima Diachi Nuclear accident continues to emit radiation across the globe.


Reports say that the bomber, which is designed to carry up to 70,000 pounds of warheads, was not carrying any at the time and was on a training mission with five crew aboard. No injuries were reported. Problems with all kinds of aircraft seem to be on the rise and along with a new phenomenon that needs more study ‘RadBrain”. The increasing amount of sudden medical issues on planes among those who spend a lot of time flying. There have been quite a few things like heart attacks and seizures among the celebrity crowds who spend many hours flying. And with that so called “RadBrain” episodes, which tend to look like a psychotic episode where the person freaks out and often has to be restrained.

Keep your eyes on the sky’s , or heads up, things seem to keep getting worse in this area.



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