Biological Science Deniers / The Science Is Settled

Image result for women's march on washington 2017

This past weeks Woman’s Marches, held in Washington and other cities, has really opened my eyes to some very sad facts. The most disturbing may be that there is a great majority of woman in this country that are completely ignorant of the  biology of life and the science behind it. I personally know many women who attended some of these events, and can tell you that they are quite educated, and with college degrees. They are loving and caring individuals.  So how is it possible that they have become biological science deniers? There must be something terribly wrong in our educational systems for this to happen. To hear things said about a developing human in the womb as, “it’s just a bunch of cells”, (which of course could also be said of a full grown human) boggles the mind. The science is clear on the issue, that which is conceived by  human beings is a human being. To march around shouting for woman’s rights while denying biological science, and human rights to so many, makes most of what else they say hard to swallow. It is in fact calling for the right to kill certain other humans while denying their humanity. The time has come for the world to come together and say that the science is clear and this faction of deniers will have to accept it along with everyone else. If these marchers want to save any respect from the rest of the world they would do well to just admit what science proves and then make their case from there. Just say that you demand the right to kill that human being who is residing inside your womb. Make your case from a true set of scientific facts to start and at least then you do not become the thing that you claim to be so appalled by. But until then, all the rest of humanity sees is a group of biological science deniers, and that can never help the movement that you hope to empower.Just like with the climate change deniers, the ignorance and bigotry which you are claiming to fight against, (and which I agree is found in many people and places) will never be overcome without truth within your own words.


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