An Evening Poem


landing on white sands

pressing along thick green meadows
yellow rays lighten at blades fluttering
sunbeams pulsing the wind a whispers
to butterflies milking flowers delicately

rushing by the air fills with sweet pollen
lightly brushing the soft hair on my arm
bumps raise excitable the chills brought
in doves cooing quietly below us heard

as fragrant purple petals blushing guide
down silky rolling hills of clover filled fields
pushing down near bubbling fresh water
clear and clean the wetness spatters us

bright coldness it awakens each sense
tumbling over smooth tan boulders at falls
cascades gushing a white foaming splash
silver fishes playing peek-a-boo inside toes

tickling we laugh drawn along too into rivers
bouncing mouths wide open in flashing rapids
drowning in waves of exuberant young sport
finished is our journey landing on white sands

RFilos 2017

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