SATURDAY POETRY : Bronx Talk /or/ The All American Kid From New York City


WHO DAT? The All American kid From NYC
What? Who you lookin’ at?
Man, shut you face.
I ain’t got no time for your crap.
What? You can’t be talkin’ to me?
I’m talkin’ to you, so what?
I’ll slap you silly.
You ain’t gonna do nothin’
Oh, Yeah? I’l bust you upside the head.
What? I’m the kid from New York City.
I don’t care if you da Pope.
Oh you will care in a second.
Man, stop with all that….
Oh, it’s a fact Jack,
I’m gonna hit you so hard
You Dead!

Hey You
Hey You? What you think you’re doing?
What cha mean?
You know what I mean, that’s my space.
What? This ain’t your space.
Oh yeah it is, I was here first.
I don’t see your name on it.
Man, you know I was just pulling in.
Well not no more cause I’s in it now.
You sayin’ you ain’t seen me gettin’ ready to pull in?
I ain’t seen nothing.
You’re an ass-hole.
Dat’s right!

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Who Me?
Hey, I think you bumped into me there?
What?, Yeah, Ok.
I said, I think you bumped into me.
Yeah, yeah, sorry.
You sure are!
Who Dat Chill Out
Who dat?
Man, don’t sneak up on me like dat.
Oh chill out.
Yeah, I’ll chill alright.

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You What?
You what?
Have to.
Ah, I don’t think so.
Think what ever ya you want
I don’t gotta think nothin’.
That’ll be easy for you aye?.
Man, stop with all that bull shit again.
Ain’t no bull, and you know it.
We’ll see.
Yeah see this!
You Gonna Eat That?
You gonna eat that?
You gonna eat that? The rest of that sandwich?
What? on my plate, that sandwich I been eating?
Yeah, that. You gonna finish it?
I don’t know, why?
Well if you ain’t…
What? That’s my food, on my plate, half eaten, what’s wrong with you?
Forget it.
Man, you is sick.

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Check Please
Yo, check this…
See dat?
He hit the ground…
What you think?
that’s messed up!
I know!
What I Tell You?
What I tell you!
Man, who’s he talkin too?
I donno
I’m talking to you? Didn’t I tell you don’t be comin’ round here no more?
Free country, right Muzz?
Yeah free.
I’ll show you what free..
Yeah right? Whoaa muzz run
Dude crazy pullin’ a piece like that
Just keep goin’ that guys nuts, we get him later.
Count on it..

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What dat?
What you mean whats dat?
You heard me!
Man, it’s a baseball, what did you think?
I know what it is, that’s my kids ball.
Man, go on.
That’s his ball, now give it here.
I don’t want it no way, maybe you should tell your kid not be throwin’ that
thing where someone could get hit with it, ya know?
Yeah, whatever.
Bout To
You again?
Yeah, so?
I told you stay outta here!
So what, who da heck you think you are?
You ’bout to find out.
Whatever. Now shut you trap
Bout to shut yours.
Aw come on bring it on.
I would but I got me grandma right here in the deli.
Yeah right.
You wait next time I’ll show you, when granny ain’t here.

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Told ya so
Told ya so
you did not
Yes I did I told you so
What ya mean whatever, you know I told ya
yeah ok you told me
That’s right I did tell you so
yeah, yeah, now go on with yourself
It Don’t Matter
what’s it to you?
it matters
It don’t matter to you, what i do!
if it didn’t matter I wouldn’t say it did
oh you always got something to say, don’t cha
forget it, it don’t matter
that’s what I said

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You Forgot
You forgot again, didn’t ya?
I ain’t forgot nothing,
You did, you forgot.
Man, I ain’t forgot nothing, so just shut your face.
I knew it.
I’m leaving.
Flowers, Ha.
Shut up already, ok!

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