Washington Post Continues Publishing Fake News


by Robert Filos

An article on January 27th 2017, by  Callum Borchers in the Washington Post is just one more example of mainstream media running stories that they know to be slanted and deceptive, if not outright lies. I challenge anyone to carefully read this, and then still think that Steve Bannon’s article about the media is true as written. I will address his main point that,

“In reality, though, “the elite media got it dead wrong” is a vastly oversimplified synopsis of campaign coverage. To be sure, plenty of commentators said Trump was likely to lose. And they were wrong. But the reporters who covered the campaign mostly stayed away from predictions. What they did, over and over, was point out that no candidate like Trump had ever won before.”.

and you will see what I am talking about.

What he tries to do is to assert the notion that the actual campaign reporters never said that Trump “can’t’ win or “won’t” win, and say that plenty of commentators said he was “likely to lose’

Now maybe the “campaign reporters” were not the ones who made the prediction out loud but it is clear that many in the “ elite media” did. Just because it was the commentator on the news or TV program, does not mean the “media elite” did not say “Trump can’t win’. The pundits and celebrities, and politicians both Republican and Democrats, clearly said over and over that Trump can not win, that he will never be President. Whether you love or hate Trump the facts of what was said and by who are just that, facts.And to continue to lie about these facts just causes more division in this already divided country and gives the Washington Post , and it’s writers, less and less credibility. So, lets move on and stop with the fake news.



A small sampling of exactly what Mr. Borchers says did not happen.







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