I lost you today, after such along time together. Now people just stare at me as I try to smile. Parting is not so sweet when it was not what you wanted. And oh what a hole you left when you departed. Something like this has not happened to me since I was so young. When a man is young he bounces right back, “oh” he says “another will come along soon”. But you and I practically grew up together. The many times we spent enjoying a steak at that nice little restaurant down on the avenue. Or, how about all the times we would go to the Red Sox game just to eat those hot dogs that you can only get at Fenway Park. I may not be so young anymore, and at my age there is not much sympathy from others. Everyone experiences loss at this age they say, “get over it, move on”. I can’t move on as easy as that. When I was a young man I would just grab that extra money that I had because of what had happened, and from not having them here anymore, and with a great big grin on my face I’d eat an ice cream bought with that money. But not today, not now. That is why my face looks this way. Why I have no desire to just grin and bear it.
continued below
Because losing an Adult tooth, is not the same as loosing a baby tooth!

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