Planned Puppyhood

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The lack of access to spay and neuter services among the homeless pet community in the United States results in millions of unintended of unwanted pets each year. Our goal is to lower the rate of births in this neglected segment of the pet community. Birth rates continue to skyrocket among dogs and cats in the inner cities and rural ares where access to spay and neuter clinics has typically been limited With this goal in mind we offer our services to the homeless and recently adopted pets, along with longtime family members, who due to any reason, have found themselves in the difficult situation of an unwanted pregnancy. We will not go back, nor be intimidated by religious zealots who seek to return animals everywhere into forced puppydom.

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Every puppy a wanted puppy!

There are many great organizations that focus on spay and neuter programs, at Planned Puppyhood we close the gap and help that portion of the animal world which has slipped through the cracks and finds themselves with an unintended pregnancy. This is especially true within the “mutt” community which has suffered under discrimination and the hate of bigots and fanatics for centuries. We offer special discreet services for celebrity animals along with the transgender animal community. We are proud supporters of GLAD (Gay and Lesbian American Dogs) and WHO DAT (We Hate Ownership…Dogs Against Trump).

At Planned Puppyhood we do not call female dogs bitches! 


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