Saturday Poems

Image result for supernova


cranberry polished raking streams of soured plasma
released intensely slender and sharp delighted pain
mocha covered and slippery passion fruit flowered
saintly scented weightlessly rolling fitted silken fields
steam rising in curls off harmonic rhapsody burning
double helix orgasmic brand deeply fresh raw organic
spiraling warp speed exploding a super nova nebula
earthbound the splashdown as normal senses return
banana pudding taste though still Venus’ scent lingers
final drop falls leaving it’s mark sensually tipped fingers
Image result for kissing

[ only one kiss took my trembling ]

only one kiss took my trembling
beating heart to task gasping
don’t call 911 do not resuscitate
i’m not dying i just discovered life
Image result for martial law

A Granted Peace Enslaves

a granted peace enslaves
ones bound by patriotism
scoundrels punching tickets
for destinations unreachable
a tonic meant to calm dissent
now the elixir curing allegiance
branching out and shaded wide
slogans replace thoughtful truth
posterity a challenge birthed
reasoning dismissed completely
as military courts martial in law
defender of the under currents

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