Fuku Fail Poems #theFword

Captain Folktastic /or/ Fukufish Fail

Trembling tremors Captain sidekick gurgles in haste FukuFish has passed the buck not a minute to waste while now in a trance lost, sheep lose their past deep, deep down the shaft Yet Folktastic means business the Fish looses distance while Captain Folktastic he reels in his keeper TEPCO releases more waste amongst sleepers don’t cry little fishy your big brother Fuku abondanded the ocean and the world has gone cockoo so don’t be afraid alone you are not because Captain Folktastic is johnny on the spot be happy and rejoice one more threat has been stopped


Cherry blossoms give way
to bitter waters retreating
continual tsunami of radiation
some things are better left
but not this
to late to plug
I only wish
feel the burn?
now death the destroyer of

The F Word /or/ Fukushima at 5

imagined nations
make declarations
form expectations
until evaluations
expose aberrations
beyond expectations
whose revelations
are indications
that information’s
been simulations
not observations
all modifications
void interpretations
in fact fabrications
as justifications
in legislation’s
and regulations
global violations
whole populations
without notifications
subject to mutations
for generations
mass annihilation…’s

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