An Afternoon Poem

Cry My Lonely Heart Bleeding

Cry, my lonely heart bleeding
frozen crimson drops of pain

Cry, under the soft covers wet
last night still calling, I rise not

Cry, with shades down at noon
empty pizza boxes all around me

Cry, the ringtone that’s never heard
chimes of the crisp bells tone mute

Cry, worn clothes hanging loose
same as everyday, my foster fashion

Cry, my skin so pale and white shrinks
water has become a worthy opponent

Cry, the final shards of my broken heart
fall cascading inside ribs settling below

Cry, in secret hiding places of safety
that never really existed or were found

Cry, Cry, my self made man, Cry
in your self made holding cell, hell

Cry, my lonely heart bleeding, Cry

bonus poem

A Razors Edge Rodeo

spied kneeling a single blade
edge sharp and straight, bold
as it rose even as I fell weakly
closer now I looked at this digit
pallid green inner coil circling
a deeper shadow covering night
more than that pine needle pricked
by rays of solar intensity flown
slipping down single bit of wetness
riding a razors edge rodeo alone
hint of breath sends seeds aloft
as cycles return to the charter

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