SATURDAY POETRY : Bronx Talk /or/ The All American Kid From New York City

NYC the all american kid from NYC


mebxWHO DAT? The All American kid From NYC
What? Who you lookin’ at?
Man, shut you face.
I ain’t got no time for your crap.
What? You can’t be talkin’ to me?
I’m talkin’ to you, so what?
I’ll slap you silly.
You ain’t gonna do nothin’
Oh, Yeah? I’l bust you upside the head.
What? I’m the kid from New York City.
I don’t care if you da Pope.
Oh you will care in a second.
Man, stop with all that….
Oh, it’s a fact Jack,
I’m gonna hit you so hard
You Dead!

Hey You
Hey You? What you think you’re doing?
What cha mean?
You know what I mean, that’s my space.
What? This ain’t your space.
Oh yeah it is, I was here first.
I don’t see your name on it.
Man, you know I was just pulling in.
Well not no more cause I’s in…

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