Afternoon Poetry for Memorial Day 2017


Have not been feeling well for a few weeks, here are a few to catch you up…. peace!




on the mantel I found your note

on the mantel I found your note
sitting, I read it by the fires light
drowning in the words you speak
arms flailing at ears flash pierced
woven inside I tasted the strings
stuck to the web of a silky trap
sniffing at branches in the dark
sprung loose cracking my teeth
die rolled lost in the floor boards
smoke or a vapor up the chimney
waking in the dark coffee chimes
drifting shale scents over fences
whiteness grows in sight reflected
blown ashes the glowing doth fade

There Is Only One Shade Of Black

cling hard the colors fading
under skin loosely hanging
hundreds of green sparks
showering the open garden
palettes of shades watering
the sky an ocean of blues
powdered hues cast subtly
of reds and yellows shining

distinctly separated bows
the horizon ever changing
glazing now these doughnuts
set in facial sockets aged
scents and sounds do reign
each note has it’s own ringing
yet as night settles here darkly
eclipsing the shadows dull light

in blindness I discover harshly
there is only one shade of black

perpetual the change that remains sweet

muffled giggles in blooming flowers
spark light the butterflies cool rise
yellows, oranges, and blacks scattered
in a blinking musical whirlwind ballet
lilies and crocuses spinning a melody
delicate antenna mimic a child’s wave
May shadows at noon disguise liquid
puddles skated smooth froze as ice
floral scents carried along spring winds
perpetual the change that remains sweet

[ in that barren, dark place ]

in that barren, dark place
only those who know, know
solitude commences loudly
enemies all who pass here
self the worst provocateur
humans scampering all earth
in a kaleidoscope of shadows
swords reach just shy a slice
but the echos of words ring on
swollen, a tribute to Vincent’s ear
they rattle the brain unconscious
oh how can loneliness be so busy

chasing rabbits breaking bones
a lie, a trap set, the fowler’s snare
sanity too high a price to chase now
looking through those looking through me
forgoten groceries laid at the doorstep
or the gas never pumped, the stares
the wind strikes without royal regard
while graveyards seem a quiet place
out beyond the bustling brainwaves
no you can’t feel it just a vapor passing
here though rides a desperate cowboy
breathing this dusty trail until it’s end


More Trouble At Fukushima?

Weird blue smoke hanging over plant after several earthquakes today.

link to live cams here

Oroville Dam UPDATE !!!

Is Failure of the Oroville Dam Possible?

February 11th, 2017 by Roy W. Spencer, Ph. D.

“The last couple of days have not made me very confident in the predictions of engineers associated with the Oroville Dam.

While I am a climate researcher, and not hydrologist, it took me less than an hour midday yesterday (see comments here) to estimate that the emergency spillway would be breached around 9 a.m. PST this morning. I was off by an hour…it was breached at 8 a.m.

But engineers were leaning toward the lake level never getting that high (901 ft.)

This kind of calculation isn’t rocket science. As long as inflow into the lake exceeds outflow (both of which are monitored hourly), the lake level will rise.

Why were engineers reluctant to predict the (admittedly historic) event?”

The latest releases have caused even more damage widening the hole and cutting away at the side of the hill. The lake is at about 95% so they have to keep releasing I would suspect. This is an earthen dam and if this thing goes it will be a major catastrophe. If you live in California stay alert you do not want to have all that water and earth coming at you.

here is a short video:

A video posted on YouTube shows big trouble at the dam, as the spillway has developed an almost 200 ft. hole. For the earthen filled dam this may turn out to serious, though officials are saying there is no danger at this point. .

According to Wikipedia this is the most important water source for the California Department of Water Resources’ State Water Project.

“The Oroville-Thermalito Complex is a group of reservoirs, structures, and facilities located in and around the city of Oroville in Butte County, California. The complex serves not only as a regional water conveyance and storage system, but is the headwaters for, and therefore perhaps is the most vital part of, the California Department of Water Resources’ State Water Project, the world’s largest publicly built and operated water and power development and conveyance system.”

Courtesy: Richard Winterrowd

Richard Winterrowd

CBS13 reports,

“Operators increased their water releases at the dam on Tuesday as a significant storm rolled through Northern California. However, as peak water releases started happening around noon, people started noticing some concerning signs”

In terms of a catastrophic failure besides the residents below who could lose everything and the immediate lose of life, there also could be major impacts throughout California in terms of water and power.

This is something to definitely keep an eye on.

Fukushima Update 2/7/2017

Image may contain: one or more people and indoorHave not been able to spend too much time watching the live streams, right now it is night in Japan, but will try to get more shots today. My YouTube videos on the smoke coming from Reactor #1 have been being hit by trolls with fake accounts, saying all kinds of stuff about my videos being bogus and such. This just adds credibility ( in my opinion) to my thoughts that it is steam or smoke we saw boiling out of that building.

Here are the videos I have on it so far:



Fuku Fail Poems #theFword

Captain Folktastic /or/ Fukufish Fail

Trembling tremors Captain sidekick gurgles in haste FukuFish has passed the buck not a minute to waste while now in a trance lost, sheep lose their past deep, deep down the shaft Yet Folktastic means business the Fish looses distance while Captain Folktastic he reels in his keeper TEPCO releases more waste amongst sleepers don’t cry little fishy your big brother Fuku abondanded the ocean and the world has gone cockoo so don’t be afraid alone you are not because Captain Folktastic is johnny on the spot be happy and rejoice one more threat has been stopped


Cherry blossoms give way
to bitter waters retreating
continual tsunami of radiation
some things are better left
but not this
to late to plug
I only wish
feel the burn?
now death the destroyer of

The F Word /or/ Fukushima at 5

imagined nations
make declarations
form expectations
until evaluations
expose aberrations
beyond expectations
whose revelations
are indications
that information’s
been simulations
not observations
all modifications
void interpretations
in fact fabrications
as justifications
in legislation’s
and regulations
global violations
whole populations
without notifications
subject to mutations
for generations
mass annihilation…’s

Fukushima Radiation RECORD LEVELS 530 sv per hour

Sadly I must report that record levels of radiation have been reported at the meltdown stricken Fukushima Diachi Nuclear plants in Japan. On March 11,2011 a 9.0 earthquake and subsequent tsunami caused unprecedented damage at the plant along the NE coast of Japan. Since that time at least 3 reactors have been in full meltdown with tons and tons more fuel apparently missing from the spent fuel pools. If you have been following me on Facebook and YouTube you know that I have been covering this since day 1.

Nuclear News reported:

“The radiation level inside the containment vessel of the No. 2 reactor at the crippled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear complex stood at 530 sieverts per hour at a maximum, the highest since the 2011 disaster, the plant operator said Thursday.

Tokyo Electric Power Company Holdings Inc. also announced that based on image analysis, a hole measuring 2 meters in diameter has been found on a metal grating beneath the pressure vessel inside the containment vessel and a portion of the grating was distorted.”


2 feb 2017.jpg

There has been cover up after cover up, from fake fuel rod removal to using the homeless to do work at the plant that would cause death, bans on Physicians talking about the sick and birth defects, also the raising of safe levels of radiation not just in Japan but worldwide.

There is no end to what the Nuclear industry will do to continue in it’s maniacal quest to build bombs, make profits and kill the whole world.

Sadly there is no end in sight for what is taking place at the plant. these levels kill quickly and the levels will continue if not rise for years and years and decades and decades. We really are in unknown territory in some ways, because the nuclear industry refused to even consider such a scenario  thinking it impossible to ever occur. Hello McFly!

“True life exposure example:

Approximately 134 plant workers and firefighters battling the fire at the Chernobyl power plant received high radiation doses – 800 to 16,000 mSv – and suffered from acute radiation sickness. Of these, 28 died within the first three months from their radiation injuries. Two more patients died during the first days as a result of combined injuries from the fire and radiation.”


Below is a final reference chart that show extreme levels of accumulative radiation over any period of time:
  • 1 to 2 Sv (1000 to 2000 mSv or 100 to 200 rems) = Minor Nausea, Minor Headache – 5% death in 1 month otherwise non-fatal (2-6hr onset for 24hr)
  • 3 to 6 Sv (3000 to 6000 mSv or 300 to 600 rems) = Mod Vomiting, Mild Headache, Mod Fever, Cognitive Impairment 6hr – 5-50% death in 7-28 days (1-2hr onset for 48hr)
  • 6 to 8 Sv (6000 to 8000 mSv or 600 to 800 rems) = Vomiting, Mod Headache, High Fever, Cognitive Impairment 20hr – 50-100% death in 7days (10-60min onset for <48hr)
  • 8 to 30 Sv (8000+ mSv or 800+ rems) = Severe Vomiting, Severe Headache, Severe Fever, Incapacitated – 100% death rate (>10min onset for <48hr)
  • 30+ Sv (30,000+ mSv or 3,000+ rems) = 100% death with immediate effect

As you can see from the chart above 530 sv per hour is instant death. The whole earth is being poisoned.

If you would like a #theFword  t-shirt to help support this work send me an e-mail and i will give you the details.


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Parkchester Little League Part One

My first day of School, not Little League
 My introduction to baseball and little league began at a very early age. I’m thinking six or seven is when I joined what was called the pee wee’s. Games took place in the North Ball Field and I became very famous almost instantly, out in some position (no one really covered a particular base or position in these games) as the best glove chewer to come along in years. Besides the peeing and the weeing, this was what most scouts from the “real” little league came to look for and . apparently I was there man.
 So it wasn’t long thereafter that I was given a contract in the minors and sent out to be tested in about every actual position on a baseball diamond. Now mind you, up to this point all my experience with baseball had been mostly in peeing on the field and glove chewing which despite my best efforts did not help one bit with stopping a ball hit at you or a throw needed to stop an advancing runner. As a matter of fact the peeing tended to be a hindrance to both, and the glove chewing may have been the start of a serious gum infection that later claimed one of my best teeth up to that point.
 How these grown men saw any hidden talent in me is beyond comprehension, but they were the experts so I kept at it. And by the time my first season progressed, in spite of my maturing rapidly to the point where I almost never peed on the field during a game. I found out they were right, and I could play this game called little league. And now in the minors, it was no more cement North Ball field, now it was grass and dirt at St Raymond’s, or Ferry Point Park, or St Joe’s. Now hang on cause this is a true story!
 At the end of season one disaster struck as I met a cousin of mine named Johnny. During the season ending picnic and extravaganza we unknowingly, and mistakenly, reached into the wrong cooler. Did I tell you it was accidentally? Well you can see that my lying began at this same point also. From that cooler instead of a cold soda to complement our hot dogs, Johnny, I learned, ate his with ketchup and not mustard, (which should have clued me in to his character at that point) we pulled out an item called a beer. My first encounter with this product proved to be at the same time funny, scary, and, immaturing, (is that a word?) all at once. We laughed a good bit as we began what is called “downing your first one”, became quite frightened when our experience became known by the adult members of our league, and I amazingly peed myself out in the field for the first time in who knows how long.
 After a stern talking to, a good whooping’, some clean drawers, and a short stint in rehab, at the start of the next season I was placed on a minor league team called Daisy Cleaners. Which, when the season got underway we proceeded to break record after record, as we lost every game in the most horrific and embarrassing manner. A season remembered to this very day, in the annuls of Parkchester Little League history, and baseball in general worldwide.
 Hopefully I can stay focused and write the next few stories of my Little League career.
: Kiwanis, B’naiBrith….who are the people and why do they have teams in Parkchester . Little League why I’ve never seen these stores
: A night at the Opera with Hamburger Express,
: Parkchester Management, The first team in the history of Parkchester Little League with a female manager….the almost immortal now, Parkchester Management team that included Johnny W****, Rob Filos (that’s me), Matthew F****, and other less important players. The only team ever that went undefeated in Parkchester Little League History. Including first person accounts of the magical triple play converted that same year!