Nuclear Notes 1/23/17

 UK admits to missile test malfunction off US which sent it toward Florida rather than thousands of miles away last June. But I think it was related to the fake earthquake report that had to be admitted a Navy bomb test off Florida in July of last year. A 10,ooo lb bomb doesn’t register as a 3.7 quake as far as I know, and there were several other strange things going on off the east coast for several months.

Whistle blower..wikileaks

1 TON TNT = 2.0 on Richter Scale. Richter Scale and TNT Equivalents

  • 2.0 on Richter Scale = Approximately 1 ton TNT or 450 kg of dynamite (World War II Conventional Bomb)
  • 2.5 on Richter Scale = Approximately 4.6 tons of TNT (World War II Blockbuster Bomb)
  • 3.0 on Richter Scale = Approximately 29 tons of TNT (Massive Ordinance Blast)
  • 3.5 on Richter Scale = Approximately 73 tons of TNT (Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster)

The Sunday Times reports that a Trident II D5 missile test ended in failure after it was launched from the British submarine HMS Vengeance off the coast of Florida in June last year.

The newspaper reports that the cause of the failure remains top secret, but quotes a senior naval source saying the missile, which was unarmed for the test, suffered an in-flight malfunction after launch.

It was reportedly intended to be fired 5,600 miles to a sea target off the west coast of Africa but may have veered off towards America instead.”

More going on here then we are being told, me thinketh!



The Idaho Nation Lab. still is having problems and has been unable to ” 900,000 gallons of high-level nuclear waste stored at the 890-square-mile U.S. Department of Energy site in eastern Idaho” 


Corruption at Nuclear facilities continues with “Allegations of illegally spending federal funds to lobby for new funds now encompass contractors working at six of the eight U.S. nuclear weapons sites” The Center For Public Integrity  reports.

“The latest case emerged from a civil lawsuit that accused two companies of performing substandard work at a nuclear weapons-related waste site and said one of them had improperly spent government funds to lobby for more. The companies declared on Nov. 23 they would settle the allegations by making payments, mostly to the federal government, for a total of $125 million, a massive amount for alleged Energy Department-related malfeasance.

The settlement involves work by Bechtel National Inc. and its parent Bechtel Corp., and URS Corp. and its subsidiary URS Energy and Construction Inc., which together have been trying to clean up the Hanford Nuclear Reservation near Richland, Washington. That’s where raw uranium was enriched into fuel for nuclear bombs during the Manhattan Project and the Cold War.

Lockheed Martin Corp., which operates one of three U.S. nuclear weapons laboratories – Sandia, agreed in August 2015 to pay $4.7 million to settle a complaint by the Justice Department that it used federal funds to lobby for a no-bid contract extension. Last Friday, it lost that effort when the Department of Energy selected a different contractor team, led by Honeywell International, to run Sandia for up to a decade, beginning next year. Meanwhile, Fluor Corp. paid $1.1 million in April 2013 to settle accusations that it used federal funds to lobby government agencies for more business at its Hanford training facility.”

For those who care to follow these things this is nothing new to hear about!