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Next time people are taking prayer requests remember Jesus has one too.

Jesus Has A Prayer Request

Mary had a little lamb
little lamb
little lamb
Mary had a little lamb
whose fleece was white as snow

And everywhere the Father sent
Father sent
Father sent
And everywhere the Father sent
The lamb was sure to go.

Jesus has a prayer request
prayer request
prayer request
Jesus has a prayer request
that everyone should know

Luke 10:2
“Therefore said he unto them, The harvest truly is great, but the labourers are few: pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest, that he would send forth labourers into his harvest.”

Saturday Poems

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cranberry polished raking streams of soured plasma
released intensely slender and sharp delighted pain
mocha covered and slippery passion fruit flowered
saintly scented weightlessly rolling fitted silken fields
steam rising in curls off harmonic rhapsody burning
double helix orgasmic brand deeply fresh raw organic
spiraling warp speed exploding a super nova nebula
earthbound the splashdown as normal senses return
banana pudding taste though still Venus’ scent lingers
final drop falls leaving it’s mark sensually tipped fingers
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[ only one kiss took my trembling ]

only one kiss took my trembling
beating heart to task gasping
don’t call 911 do not resuscitate
i’m not dying i just discovered life
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A Granted Peace Enslaves

a granted peace enslaves
ones bound by patriotism
scoundrels punching tickets
for destinations unreachable
a tonic meant to calm dissent
now the elixir curing allegiance
branching out and shaded wide
slogans replace thoughtful truth
posterity a challenge birthed
reasoning dismissed completely
as military courts martial in law
defender of the under currents

SATURDAY POETRY : Bronx Talk /or/ The All American Kid From New York City


WHO DAT? The All American kid From NYC
What? Who you lookin’ at?
Man, shut you face.
I ain’t got no time for your crap.
What? You can’t be talkin’ to me?
I’m talkin’ to you, so what?
I’ll slap you silly.
You ain’t gonna do nothin’
Oh, Yeah? I’l bust you upside the head.
What? I’m the kid from New York City.
I don’t care if you da Pope.
Oh you will care in a second.
Man, stop with all that….
Oh, it’s a fact Jack,
I’m gonna hit you so hard
You Dead!

Hey You
Hey You? What you think you’re doing?
What cha mean?
You know what I mean, that’s my space.
What? This ain’t your space.
Oh yeah it is, I was here first.
I don’t see your name on it.
Man, you know I was just pulling in.
Well not no more cause I’s in it now.
You sayin’ you ain’t seen me gettin’ ready to pull in?
I ain’t seen nothing.
You’re an ass-hole.
Dat’s right!

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Who Me?
Hey, I think you bumped into me there?
What?, Yeah, Ok.
I said, I think you bumped into me.
Yeah, yeah, sorry.
You sure are!
Who Dat Chill Out
Who dat?
Man, don’t sneak up on me like dat.
Oh chill out.
Yeah, I’ll chill alright.

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You What?
You what?
Have to.
Ah, I don’t think so.
Think what ever ya you want
I don’t gotta think nothin’.
That’ll be easy for you aye?.
Man, stop with all that bull shit again.
Ain’t no bull, and you know it.
We’ll see.
Yeah see this!
You Gonna Eat That?
You gonna eat that?
You gonna eat that? The rest of that sandwich?
What? on my plate, that sandwich I been eating?
Yeah, that. You gonna finish it?
I don’t know, why?
Well if you ain’t…
What? That’s my food, on my plate, half eaten, what’s wrong with you?
Forget it.
Man, you is sick.

No automatic alt text available.
Check Please
Yo, check this…
See dat?
He hit the ground…
What you think?
that’s messed up!
I know!
What I Tell You?
What I tell you!
Man, who’s he talkin too?
I donno
I’m talking to you? Didn’t I tell you don’t be comin’ round here no more?
Free country, right Muzz?
Yeah free.
I’ll show you what free..
Yeah right? Whoaa muzz run
Dude crazy pullin’ a piece like that
Just keep goin’ that guys nuts, we get him later.
Count on it..

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What dat?
What you mean whats dat?
You heard me!
Man, it’s a baseball, what did you think?
I know what it is, that’s my kids ball.
Man, go on.
That’s his ball, now give it here.
I don’t want it no way, maybe you should tell your kid not be throwin’ that
thing where someone could get hit with it, ya know?
Yeah, whatever.
Bout To
You again?
Yeah, so?
I told you stay outta here!
So what, who da heck you think you are?
You ’bout to find out.
Whatever. Now shut you trap
Bout to shut yours.
Aw come on bring it on.
I would but I got me grandma right here in the deli.
Yeah right.
You wait next time I’ll show you, when granny ain’t here.

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Told ya so
Told ya so
you did not
Yes I did I told you so
What ya mean whatever, you know I told ya
yeah ok you told me
That’s right I did tell you so
yeah, yeah, now go on with yourself
It Don’t Matter
what’s it to you?
it matters
It don’t matter to you, what i do!
if it didn’t matter I wouldn’t say it did
oh you always got something to say, don’t cha
forget it, it don’t matter
that’s what I said

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You Forgot
You forgot again, didn’t ya?
I ain’t forgot nothing,
You did, you forgot.
Man, I ain’t forgot nothing, so just shut your face.
I knew it.
I’m leaving.
Flowers, Ha.
Shut up already, ok!

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An Evening Poem


That Is Enough /or/ what i have

I have a pair of jeans with holes in them
and a white t-shirt that is wearing thin
the laces on my sneakers are to short
my tube socks both have worn elasticin my pocket a lighter that doesn’t light
on my shelf, just three Pall Mall 100’s left
a cell phone that can not make a call
I’ve got a quarter, a penny, and four dimes

a head full of words that no one understands
the feeling that all the people are watching me
but also the feeling no one even cares
and that all I have is Jesus

and that all I have is Jesus
that all I have is Jesus
all I have is Jesus

That’s Naomi, Jeremy Camp and me at the Space Needle having brunch. Great time thanks Jeremy and K-Love



Saturday Poetry


Now Just A Jukebox Broke Melody

my eyes sagging along
they mark every song
engraved upon this soul
they live who I became
music was the word
remaining but fading
upon the chalkboard
when you left
and when I stayed
drowning in the night
peering trough windows
of bars and restaurants
we once knew secretly
together, now just a jukebox
broke melody, skipping
scratched on my tongue

When The Streetlights Blink

on faded white paint
the tip of Chuck Taylor’s
gripping cement push
to bend and extend
off finger tips rolling

looking down
the rusted backboard
calls the countdown

red, white, and blue
the ball swirls around
bent rim, it’s bumps
long flattened
seasons past

their departing
about that year
when the ABA
disappeared also

city sun floats down
being early mimicking
Appalachian valleys
sinking behind buildings
lone the dirty streetlamp blinks

a child’s nudge not to be late
most often understood lying
the interpretation taken lately
a game winning long shot

while that globe
in the darkness
searches a net
stuffed, hung on,
old as Methuselah

now two grey strings
remain to play along
waving to crowds
cheering on their feet

the once circular missile
leans a bit to the east
hanging a tightrope act
westerly next, sliding through
the buzzers sounds,…it’s good!


Momma Said It Best

I woke up this morning
the news was on my feed
found hatred won he day
funny thing to learn at 53
which ever side hates hate
it is still just hate,
the deceiver works both sides
wins again as we speak spikes
to drive deep within each other
words thrown as stones bruise
the flesh to the bone we all hurt
I’m not choosing sides ever again
I don’t want to hurt no one again
so now I just sit here in sorrow
singing these american blues
pain doesn’t breed hate, no
indifference to pain is it’s
incubator, and give birth it does
rapidly,, growing an avalanche
stopped only by words of love
inside acts of love and caring
left or right don’t give up the fight
but do it without words of hate
momma said it best
if you don’t have anything nice
to say about someone
don’t say anything at all
lets not talk about people
lets talk about hope
lets talk about good
lets talk about love



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