A Country Sampler



For such a born and bred Bronx kid to wind up out in the sticks in South Carolina is one thing.  But to write poetry about the country life?  I guess you just never know! Below find some of my works that I am considering for an upcoming chap book. Also please, if you have been enjoying my work please consider helping with any amount at my GoFundMe. This really is all I have until we can figure out exactly what can be done to fix my back. As you can see it has just been a meager amount over the whole life of the campaign but all our savings and anything that could be sold have been exhausted with several months left until my disability hearing is scheduled. Enough said. Enjoy the writes.


Carnival Craze

ahead dots color hill tops afar dark
yellow, red, blue. and white bulbs
a slow drive rounding easy curves
chants of glee sounding the escape
voices expecting exciting an evening

sour the sweetness knocking gently
as windows rolled down feel a sniff
ahead now neon lights circle the sky
parked the station wagon in a field
smiles falling out the old rear door
pink fluffy sugar whipped on a stick

corn scented popping grandly new
sticky sounds of sneakers skipping
mirrors and teacups join a sway too
the hot dough shaped ears powdered
join parade in turn at ticket booths cut

prizes of royalty reach up drooling eye
wheels spinning higher recall butterflies
bops and pops abound in wild carousel
loose change dribbles clanging on down
gum, hats, glasses and feathers scatter
back to the old Buick we return, smiles

Carrot Seeds

growing up in the city
carrots came in a can
you peel back the tin
and out they came clean

concrete gardens sprout
hard the seedlings rise
a transplant now am I
turning soil mixing poop

tiny the seed of a carrot
rolling off my dirty hands
after sun and water shines
a little green pop appears

when the green grew tall
I had to check have a peek
so poke around did my hand
just a skinny root now ruined

another day another check
months end the crop is gone
let the seeds grow undisturbed
the fruit will show when ready


A Picture In Grayed Boards

Mothers words grip within emotions
in the way dads old pickup drives
the treasured rides dirt swirling
behind us faster than the rabbits
fleeing through the peanut fields
startled does bound the fences
wire sagging and barbed gives way
her apron blowing softly seen
from the porch she waves smiling
it’s peach pie this evening sister
hanging out the washed sheets
giggling cute as the chipmunk
watching her from under the barn
grayed boards perfect the scene

perpetual the change that remains sweet

muffled giggles in blooming flowers
spark light the butterflies cool rise
yellows, oranges, and blacks scattered
in a blinking musical whirlwind ballet
lilies and crocuses spinning a melody
delicate antenna mimic a child’s wave
May shadows at noon disguise liquid
puddles skated smooth froze as ice
floral scents carried along spring winds
perpetual the change that remains sweet

Turnips Beside The Road

bunches of turnips spread out
an old country table of boards
dents and gaps showing age
soil dry now crumbles off as
each pile is shook before packing
the old vegetable boxes stacked
hurriedly in the bed of that old
white pickup that sat years in the
field back of the old slave cabins
it’s another hot day out there for
selling turnips beside the road




The Oldies Station

old the filling station half stands, a rusting show place lost
once bustling in brightness, weeds poke up asphalts cracks
peering around, periscopes riding in the crumbling black wakes
entertainment in a desolate place, silent country Bowery reruns
pumps hand driven, virgins they were to plastic cash sliders
in reflections shadowed, chrome glared of manner’s suited
oil checks, pop in glass bottles, coin driven phone call booths
change rides in, wearing glamour mostly, leaves some dusted
streetlights bent in prayer, touching the abandoned lot distressed
their wiring hangs limp, cut to fraying the darkness answers not

Southern Shine

Blue skies reflecting off southern eyes
Sight that is sweet as fresh pecan pie
Georgia peaches and Muscadine wine
Honey suckle and the sweet bye and bye
Carolina moonlight drinking down the shine



Papered With The Funnies

listening as the drops sound off one by one
coming storm raining down on the old tin roof
the falling porch leans toward the hill above
nothing fades as nicely as paint on metal does
wildflowers peak from between boards and stone
foundation sliding daily towards the eastern edge
sights and sounds returning inside this house
fools call it a shack but to me it’s ever true home
papered twice in the finest newspapers of the era
an architectural designer tribute to snuffy smith
running water is found in the creek pure and cool
the most of it found clear in mason jars shelved
among the years tomatoes and pickled okra
nostalgia grows in this holler when the rain falls





F/V DESTINATION apparently has gone Down to Sea with it’s crew

The F/V Destination, a Seattle-based crab boat, is missing in Alaska. (Photography by Salty Dog Maritime)


According to an article in the Seattle Times,

” The missing 98½-foot crab boat sent out an emergency locator-beacon signal around 6:15 a.m. Saturday, Coast Guard spokesman Lt. Brian Dykens said. The beacons are designed to be automatically activated when a vessel goes down, providing a location for searchers.

The beacon went off about two miles northwest of St. George Island in the Pribilofs, a group of four islands about 200 miles north of Unalaska, Alaska.




A Coast Guard search has turned up the Destination’s locator EPIRB — Emergency Position Indication Radio Beacon — and a debris field containing buoys, a life ring and an oil sheen from the boat”

“The six-member crew of the Seattle-based crab boat F/V Destination had yet to begin their snow-crab harvest when the vessel disappeared Saturday morning amid chilly winter temperatures in the Bering Sea off the coast of Alaska.”

“the Destination is owned by David R. Wilson, a longtime crabber who lives in Washington state. Barcott said the vessel was used as a crabber and also as a tender for other summer fisheries.

According to Coast Guard records, the Destination was built in 1981.

” the Destination had a “good and experienced crew” and that it “is a mystery as to what may have happened here.”

He said that Wilson has been in contact with the families of the crew members, but that the owner Monday did not yet want to release their names.”

The full article here.

“Crab boats are most susceptible to capsizing when fully loaded with pots stacked on the deck. This is especially true in the winter months when icing conditions may occur, according to a 2010 safety review of the fleet submitted to the North Pacific Fishery Management Council by a then-Coast Guard officer involved in marine safety and a researcher for the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health.

At least eight of 12 vessels lost between 1990 and 1999 were headed to the crab grounds, or returning, in a fully loaded condition, according to the analysis.”

F/V Destination ~ February 11, 2017 ~ (sunk)
F/V Exito ~ December 6, 2016 ~ 2 never recovered (sinking)
F/V Alaskan Dream ~ February 28, 2015 ~ Sean O’Callahan (medical)
F/V Cynosure ~ October 15, 2014 ~ Jonathan Paul Brown (medical emergency)
F/V Seeker March 12, 2014 ~ Eric Eder (fell overboard)
F/T Alaska Ocean ~ March 11, 2014 ~ Franz d’Alquen (onboard accident)
December 18, 2013 ~ Petty Officer Third Class Travis Obendorf died in a Seattle hospital as a result of injuries sustained during search and rescue operations Nov. 11, 2013 while serving aboard Coast Guard Cutter Waesche. He was conducting small boat operations to assist the disabled F/V Alaska Mist.
F/V Swift ~ June 19, 2013 ~ Alan Young (fell overboard)
F/V Darlin’ Michelle ~ October 23, 2012 ~ Theodore Lynch (fell overboard)
F/V Flying Ocean ~ October 12, 2012 ~ Latroye Lamont Williams (fell overboard)
F/V Maverick ~ September 28, 2012 ` Kelly Dickerson (trapped)
F/V Advantage ~ September 1, 2012 ~ Skipper Leif Bolan(hypothermia) Jaime Gallega (lost)
F/V Eleanor S ~ July 4, 2012 ~ Richard Boyce (fell overboard)
F/V Alaska Juris ~ March 1, 2012 ~ Andrew “Drew” Fotu (accident)
F/V Glacier Spirit ~ March 9, 2012 ~ Joe Haller (fell overboard)
F/V Northern Belle ~ April 20, 2010 ~ Captain Rob Royer
F/V Cornelia Marie ~ February 9, 2010 ~ Captain Phil Harris (medical condition)
F/V Miss Colleen ~ July 31, 2009 ~ Benjamin Symmes (fell overboard)
F/V Alaska Warrior ~ July 6, 2009 ~ Identity not available (fell overboard)
F/V Rebecca Irene ~ July 5, 2009 ~ Nhial Opiew (fell overboard)
F/V Seabrooke ~ Jan 6, 2009 ~ Keith Criner (pulled overboard)
F/V Katmai ~ Oct 22, 2008 ~ Jake Gilman, Glenn Harper, Fuli Lemusu, Joshua Leonguerrero, Cedric Smith, Robert Davis, Carlos Zabala
F/V Alaska Ranger ~ March 23, 2008 ~ Captain Eric Peter Jacobsen, David Silveira, Byron Carrillo, Daniel Cook, Satoshi Konno
F/V Nezzen ~ July 3, 2007 ~ Jeffrey Steele
F/V Sea Warrior ~ 2007 ~ Jeff Nes (fell from a stack of pots)
F/V Ocean Challenger ~ Oct 18, 2006 ~ Captain David “Cowboy” Hafflequist, Walter Foster, Steve Esparza
F/V Vega ~ Sept 4, 2006 ~ Captain Mike Price
F/V Bodysnatcher ~ Aug 20, 2006 ~ Richard Septien
F/V Calico Dog, aka Lady Alliene ~ May 7, 2006 ~ Norman Fain
F/V Slayer ~ Mar 10, 2006 ~ Rick Nebert, Matt Young
F/V Northern Dawn ~ Feb 23, 2006 ~ Scott Trible, Frank Richard
F/V Home Fire ~ Aug 31, 2005 ~ Mark Smith
F/V Cory B ~ Aug 21, 2005 ~ Myron Rapacz
F/V Grayling ~ Aug 1, 2005 ~ Matthew Trosvig
F/V Diane Carol ~ June 14, 2005 ~ 1 lost
F/V Rocky Pass ~ March 15, 2005 ~ LeRoy Martin, Fredrick Martin
F/V Sultan ~ Jan 16, 2005 ~ Manu Lagai Jr. (washed overboard)
F/V Big Valley ~ Jan 15, 2005 ~ Captain Gary Edwards, Danny Vermeersch, Josias Luna, Carlos Rivera, Aaron Marrs
F/V Jeanoah ~ Sept 21, 2004 ~ Joe Spink, (dragged overboard)
F/V Shaman ~ Oct 20, 2003 ~ Vernon Rosendahl (washed overboard)
F/V Ms Everett ~ July 2003 ~ Theodore Hahler
F/V Western Queen ~ Nov 4, 2002 ~ Mike Moran (washed overboard)
F/V Galaxy ~ Oct 20, 2002 ~ Jerry Stephens, George Karn, Jose Lino Rodas
F/V Clipper Express ~ Oct 20, 2002 ~ Daniel Schmiedt (lost when aiding in the rescue of the Galaxy)
F/V Nesika ~ Dec 11, 2001 ~ Captain Robert Thompson, Steven Langlot, Ben Eder, Jarid Hamrick
F/V Exito ~ Oct 17, 2001 ~ Scott Powell (washed overboard)
F/V Arctic Rose ~ April 2, 2001 ~ Captain David E. Rundall, Aaron Broderick, Jimmy Conrad, Edward Haynes, G.W. Kandris, Kenneth Kivlin, Jeff Meincke, Mike Olney, Shawn Bouchard, James Mills, Kerry Egan, Angel Mendez, Alejandro Ortiz Espino, Justino Opoll Romero, Alejandro Cortes
F/V Amber Dawn ~ March 5, 2001 ~ Doug Rowe, Roman Telak
F/V Canyon Enterprise ~ Jan 2001 ~ Clark Sparks
F/V Seawolf ~ April 23, 1999 ~ Scott Weismantal
F/V Lin J ~ March 18, 1999 ~ Captain Blake W. Kinnear, John R. McKerley, Jason Conlon, Marc “Shayne” Hill, Aaron Miller-Moylan
F/V Evanick ~ Apr 25, 1998 ~ Captain Carl VanValkenberg, Robert Ritchie, Harry Mondessette, Shawn Gibson
F/V LaConte ~ Feb 2, 1998 ~ Captain Mark Morley, Dave Hanlon
F/V Kristen Gail ~ Feb 2, 1998 ~ Chris Rosendahl (washed overboard)
F/V Sultan ~ Jan 26, 1998 ~ Scott Gabryshak (onboard accident)
F/V Troika ~ Sept. 22, 1997 ~ Captain Carl Koso
F/V Yukon Queen ~ Sept 2, 1996 ~ Brian Rudolph (swept overboard)
F/V Platonida ~ July 1996? ~ Jack Lungren (fell overboard)
F/V Pacesetter ~ Jan 27, 1996 ~ Captain Matthew Pope, Stephen Mack, Richard Anderson, Michael Kirk Ericson, Byron Koesterman, Elias Pena, Stanley Estesad
F/V Northwest Mariner ~ Jan 15, 1995 ~ Larry Johnston, Bob Peterson, Jim C. Foster, Troy Collins, Bruce Forde, Rob Olsen
F/V Amber Dawn II ~ Dec 6, 1994 ~ 4 Lost
F/V Fierce Competitor ~ Oct 27, 1994 ~ Captain Robbie Simonsens, Vicki Simonsens (wife of Robbie), 3 other crew members
F/V Northern Enterprise ~ Feb 25, 1994 ~ Joe Stenson (washed overboard)
F/V St. Matthew ~ Feb 22, 1994 ~ Tom Gardiner
F/V Nettie H ~ Sept 13, 1993 ~ Blake Grinstein, Peter Soileau, David Soileau, Daniel Soileau, Julie Mereness (girlfriend of David)
F/V Lady Of Good Voyage ~ March 9, 1993 ~ Gregory R. Schwindt, Jeremy S. Hunter, Larry Hoover, Eddie Hoover
F/V Bering Empire ~ Sept 1992 ~ Mark J. Matuszeski, (pulled overboard)
F/V Bering Empire ~ June 1992 ~ Perry Christopher, (onboard accident)
F/V Gulf Wind ~ April 3,1992 ~ Brian Bugg (pulled overboard)
F/V St George ~ Jan 4, 1992 ~ Captain David Parkes, Terry James, Brian Schouten, George Dahl, Kevin Clark, Shawn McWethy
F/V Magnum ~ 1992 ~ Joseph Blake
F/V Bering Empire ~ Dec 14, 1991 ~ Eric Thomas (onboard accident)
F/V Harvey G ~ Nov 22, 1991 ` Captain Ken Krumal, John Morgan, 2 others
F/V Berta ~ Apr 28, 1991 ~ John Spears, Mike L’Ami
F/V Barbarosa ~ Feb 1991 ~ Captain George Brandenburg, Dennis Olberding, Don Bright, Darryl Gross, Brian McPherson, Tim Schmitt
F/V Glacier Enterprise ~ Feb 2, 1991 ~ 1 onboard accident
F/V Red Jacket ~ Nov 28, 1990 ~ Sam Batchelder, John Slagill
F/V Pacific Apollo ~ Oct 24, 1990 ~ Captain Pat Berg, Len Dodge, Terry Goebel
F/V Aleutian Enterprise ~ Mar 22, 1990 ~ Nello Marciel, Matt Schneider, John Dieterich, Robert Davis Jr., Robert W. McCord, Joseph Alaimo, Jeff “Skip” Houston, Javier Martin Castro Valenzula, David Jefferies (passenger)
F/V Legend ~ Apr 28, 1989 ~ Richard Wiard, Mike Barney, Dave Garner
F/V Vestfjord ~ Jan 30, 1989 ~ Captain Dick LaGary, Kevin Melnick, Ricky Kristovich, Doug Harding, Bill Hodgins, Danny McDonall (passenger)
F/V Arctic II ~ Dec 12, 1988 ~ Captain Stan Michna, Gary Heeney
F/V George W ~ March 15, 1988 ~ Jim Miller, 2 others lost
F/V Pacific Apollo ~ Jan 26, 1988 ~ Tyler Bricker (pulled overboard)
F/V Nordfjord ~ Sept 19, 1987 ~ Captain Gudjonroy Gudjonsson, Marty Mercer, Chris, Boss, Gretra Halgorsson, Bill Schmalfeldt
F/V Cape Chacon ~ June 19, 1987 ~ Tom Banks
F/V Normar II ~ September 11, 1986 ~ Captain Alex Hallsworth, three other crew members
F/V Aleutian Harvester ~ Nov 26, 1985 ~ Danny L. Martin, Stan Anderson, Mark Zimny
F/V Western Sea ~ Aug 15, 1985 ~ Captain Jerald Bouchard, Peter L. Berry, Stewart Darling, William Posey, Chris McLain, Christopher Hofer
F/V Endeavor ~ Sept 23, 1983 ~ Marshall Patrick, John Bartee, Pat Gillen, Jeff Rhodes
F/V Golden Viking ~ Sept 1, 1983 ~ Michael McKee, Nick Moe
F/V Ocean Grace ~ Aug 1, 1983 ~ Captain Harold Pedersen, 3 others lost
F/V Sea Hawk ~ March 12, 1983 ~ Justina Jenny McGlashan
F/V Altair ~ Feb 14, 1983 ~ Captain – Ron Beirnes, Lark Breckinridge, Troy Gudbranson, Jeff Martin, Tony Vienhage, Brad Melvin, Roy Harvey
And sister vessel
F/V Americus ~ Feb 14, 1983 ~ Captain George Nations, his son Jeff Nations, Brent Boles, Larry Littlefield, Paul Northcutt, Victor Bass, Rich Awes
F/V Lady Ann ~ October 6, 1982 ~ Paul Fonzi (Lost)
F/V Investor (fire) ~ September 7, 1982 ~ Skipper Mark Coulthurst, Irene Coulthurst, KimberlyCoulthurst, JohnCoulthurst, Michael Stewart, Jerome Keown, Dean Moon, Chris Heyman
F/V St. Patrick ~ Dec 2, 1981 ~ James Jobe, Clifford Stigall, Gary Todd Stalling, Vanessa Sander, Thomas Kauppinen, Donnie Lee Newton, Randy Ryker, Wilson Pair, Charles Parlett
F/V Cloverleaf ~ April 1980 ~ Wink Cissel, Kim Handland
F/V Hellion ~ Nov 1979 Maron Going, Ronald Hoffman, Walt Laughead
F/V Shapacy ~ Dec 7, 1978 ~ Woody Smith, Shaun E. Kirby
F/V Epic ~ Nov 4, 1978 ~ Captain Reid Hiner, Bob Waage, 2 others lost
F/V Master Carl ~ April 26, 1976 ~ Captain Thomas “Tom” Leroy Miller,Tom Davidson
F/V Silver Star ~ Oct 1961 ~ Raymond Martin, Charles Nelsen Jr., Benny Bowers
F/V Dixie ~ 1950 ~ Fred Wetche, Fred “Bubby” Wetche Jr.